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VBA Solutions

Computer Security

All PCs are vulnerable to a computer virus but once connected to the Internet the vulnerabilites increase in type, complexity and number.  CTU can help make sure your  servers, PCs and users are protected from attacks like viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and spam.

The most common method of a virus spreading is through email.  Eradicate spam, viruses or both from your email system.   This is a managed service so there is no software for you to install or configuration for you to worry about.  Working at the Internet level this system scans all emails for spam and viruses and only allows clean emails through.  This saves your Internet connection and mailbox from being clogged up with junk.  Continuously updated you can have complete confidence that both incoming and outgoing emails are clean.

Spyware is, as the name suggests, hidden from the user.  Your computers may be infected with Spyware and you can be totally unaware that data is being sent to outside agencies.  It may be fairly benign, such as recording which links you follow on the Internet so that advertisers can deliver targeted adverts, or it may be extremely sinister, such as recording passwords, credit-card numbers etc.  If you are connected to the Internet you need a Spyware scanner.

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Wireless Networking

Computer Technology Unlimited can help you access the benefits and seamlessly implement a Wi-Fi solution for your business.

Wireless networking (Wi-Fi) has many benefits such as:

  • Freedom of deployment of IT equipment
  • Networking for environments difficult to wire
  • Cost effective networking to new or renovated offices
  • No time-consuming and expensive wiring
  • Quick, easy and cost-effective network expansion
  • Add new users easily

In the wireless networking service CTU will install and configure the wireless hub and all connected equipment.  In addition, CTU will ensure it is fully encrypted and secure preventing snoopers and other unwelcome access to your system.

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Installation Service

Time is money.  Why waste your most valuable resource on the inconvenience and stress of setting up, installing and configuring new equipment or software. Why not let CTU manage the whole project for you?  Make use of the installation service to free yourself and save you time and money.

For complete peace of mind CTU offers a full installation service for computer hardware, software and network equipment. Whether you are installing an entirely new network or just adding PCs or printers, CTU won’t finish the job until everything is working to your satisfaction.  In addition it is possible to transfer any data or settings from a previous PC to the new one so you'll still have your favourites, shortcuts and files.

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Computer Upgrade Service

Before you invest in new equipment consider my upgrade service.  You may not need a whole new computer. CTU can asses your computer and recommend and install additional memory, upgrade your graphic card, install an extra hard disk, a faster network interface card or even a new operating system.

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Internet Connectivity Service

All aspects of Internet connectivity are covered: 

  • ADSL or SDSL business broadband supply
  • Installation and setup of Dial-up or Broadband connections.
  • PC configuration.
  • Setup and test of new email accounts.
  • Internet Browser configuration.
  • Advice on Internet security (keeping your business and personal information safe and your PC free from attack).

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Training Services

Research by Microsoft suggests that businesses use only about 20% of Microsoft Office.  Some of the reasons are that many of the features cannot be found easily and if found, users  lack confidence to experiment.  You can start to make the most of your installation of Microsoft Office, and increase you knowledge and productivity,  by taking advantage of training services. 

Desk-side training is ideal for those who need to be trained quickly on the work they actually do.  A course designed around real tasks using your own equipment, software and settings means that everything is familiar, no abstract exercises to try to 'convert' to your day to day tasks and as time is money for all businesses, the user is operating effectively as soon as possible. A schedule of visits allow the user to have refresher sessions.

One-to-one training involves individual tuition which can be tailored to individual needs.  This can take place away from your work-station in your company's training suite or a quiet office.
Group training at your company's training suite or meeting room gives the opportunity for groups of users to be brought 'up to speed' on any of the features you request.  One advantage of group training is that everyone learns the same thing at the same time and therefore can help each other in the learning process and refresh each other's knowledge when they return to the office.

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Website services

These days no business can afford to be without a website.  CTU can offer a full range of website services: domain name registration, hosting and website design and maintenance at very competative prices.

Websites are created around the latest research into search engine optimisation and keyword density.  This means that search engines such as "Google" will find and index your website easily making it readily available to potential customers surfing the Net.  CTU uses reliable and powerful web hosting services you can be confident your website will be available 24x7.

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VBA Solutions

If you have Microsoft Office you have a very powerful business solutions package.  MS Office comes with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which is an in-built programming language containing many ready-made features to support the suite of MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Access etc).  CTU can, therefore, create tailor-made solutions for your business which doesn't require any further software and uses the familiar interface of each MS Office application.  Much of your regular or repetative business activity can be automated giving you more time to spend on the things that really matter to your business.

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